Automotive Cybersecurity

Posted 1 month ago

Here are the requirements for an Automotive Power Electronic CYBERSECURITY candidate 

  • Demonstrable knowledge of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability security components
  • Demonstrable knowledge of cryptographic methods such as message authentication codes, digital signatures, key generation and management
  • Experience with secure software development preferably on embedded devices using C language
  • Experience with Security Development Lifecycle and Threat Modeling
  • Experience with embedded device blue team activities
  • Excellent verbal and technical writing skills to prepare customer documentation

You’ll have to cover backdoors and vulnerabilities most people do not even know about.

1. Organized and detail-oriented

Someone who plays more ‘by the book’ and with tried and trusted methods is more fitting as a blue team member. An extraordinarily detail-oriented mindset is needed to prevent leaving gaps in a security infrastructure.

2. Cybersecurity analysis and threat profile

When assessing the security, you will need to create a risk or threat profile. A good threat profile contains all data that can include potential threat attackers and real-life threat scenarios, thorough preparation for any future attacks by working on fronts that may be weak. Make use of OSINT and all publicly available data, and check out OSINT tools that can help you gather data about your target.

3. Hardening techniques

To be truly prepared for any attack or breach, technical hardening techniques of all systems need to occur, reducing the attack surface hackers may exploit.

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