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Paris & Brussels

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Mobile solutions

Mobile technologies are now becoming decisive to answer consumer needs. As a pionneer in implementing mobile technologies for financial institutions, we deliver guidance and development for any mobile project. We step in at any level of your project to build the perfect mobile service matching your business requirements. Our team develop innovative solutions to strengthen your customer-centric approach, interaction and customer experience.

Project Assessment

Development Plateform

Technical and Functional Design


Code Review


Application Development

We offer services for information system such as conception, integration and management. We are reliable partner to build creative, performant and stable softwares. With the aim to deliver customised business solutions, our consultancy team combines huge skills on programming languages and market understanding leading to flexible solutions. We step in different projects from dashboards, intranet, collaboration tools to website design, web oriented architecture: our services encompasses Front and Back-end development.

Systems Integration

Front-end Development

Web Architecture

Back-end Development

Business Consulting

Our business consultants introduce change management within our client's organisations. They endorse the role of the communication bridge between business needs and IT capabilities. As an operator of change, our business consulting team is in charge of:

Recommending solutions

Costs optimization

Identifying Opportunities

Analysing Business Needs

Driving change

Delivering value

"Our goal is to facilitate change and move your business towards the perfect efficiency process."

IT Project Management

Our IT Project Managers use the latest best practice to deliver successful IT implementation. To move the IT project from idea to application, our experts are detailed-oriented and combine environment analysis and IT competencies to introduce standard approaches in an effort-driven perspective.

Risk Management

Quality Management

Resources Management

IT Project life cycle

Driving Change

Innovation Management

Blockchain Consulting

For over 2 years now, Neofacto has kept a close eye on the Blockchain Technology since we incubated our startup Scorechain.

Since then, we gained competitive knowledge on Blockchain Technology thanks to investment in Research & Development. We are now offering a new consulting service to help companies making their financial services even more valuable. If the blockchain innovation is considered as an opportunity, most of our clients don't know the right path to get started with this disruptive technology. Our new suite of services will help them to understand the potential of blockchain, guide them towards the right adoption and its implementation.

As a decentralised protocol allowing ownership transfer with no trusted third party, it gives you the opportunity to enhance security, speed and efficiency for any digital asset.

Blockchain technologies are powerful for financial services that's why we decided to offer Blockchain consulting and technology services.

Feasability Studies


Proof of Concept and Prototyping

Integration and Risk Management

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